May The Joy Of The Christmas Season Stay With You And Your Family Thru The Coming Years

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How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree

1. If storing, keep outdoors in water away from sun and wind.

2. If not freshly cut when taken inside, cut 1/4 inch off the bottom.

4. Keep tree away from all heat sources including vents, radiators, fireplaces and televisions.

5. Be sure that your lights sets are in good working order before decorating your tree.

6. Be sure to use a stand that can hold water and a stand that fits your Christmas Tree.

7. Place your Christmas Tree in water and check daily. Some trees absorbe so much water in the begining that you may need to refill it more than once a day.

8. Decorate your tree taking care and using caution when using Christmas Tree lights. Be sure to follow all safety recommendations and inspect lights prior to installation and never overload circuits. Be sure to turn off lights when leaving your home.